Nahdet Misr Creates Printing Jobs for Egypt’s Youth

Keen to contribute to advancing economic development and creating job opportunities for the Egyptian youth, and to complement its pioneering role in enhancing the education sector, Nahdet Misr Publishing Group is providing vocational education in printing and tourism through its printing academy and applied technology school.

The company’s collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Education (MoE) comes as an important step in supporting Egypt’s Vision 2030, and is an essential part of the country’s economic development strategy in terms of supplying the labour market with skillfully-trained workers, providing job opportunities, and fighting unemployment.

Established in 2016 in 6th of October City, Nahdet Misr Printing Academy aims at upgrading vocational education in the field of printing, providing youth with the required skills for the job. The academy accepts post-preparatory students offering them vocational education in printing technology for three years. Upon graduation, students acquire an accredited certificate from the Ministry of Industry, where they can enroll afterwards at any of the specialized technical colleges or institutions. The printing academy has a team of highly-skilled engineers and technicians responsible for teaching and training the students on all printing, binding, and maintenance services. Six batches have graduated from the academy, of which approximately 340 students have joined the company’s printing press.

Nahdet Misr Applied Technology School for Sustainable Tourism begins its 2023/2024 operations as the first green school for sustainable tourism with international accreditation, providing over 1,200 jobs for graduates inside and outside Egypt in tourism and hospitality sectors during the first three years. The school offers courses in culinary art, food and beverages, and hospitality upkeep. Ta’heal for VET Skills Excellence, the group’s niche service provider, will be the education partner to manage the school to meet international qualifications that will enable students to gain EU-recognised diplomas through Finland’s Omnia Education Partnerships (OEP).

Established in 1938 with its head office in Giza, Nahdet Misr Publishing Group offers an assortment of integrated quality solutions in publishing, education, and digital content.

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