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Municipality Elections Boost Printing

Elections are always good news for printing industry. They generate huge printing demands. Jordan municipality elections which were concluded recently generated a healthy revenue stream for printers. Al Arabiya reports that candidates spent more than half a billion dollars on advertising, which marks a huge increase comparing to previous elections.

The parliamentary and municipality elections take place every four years in Jordan. During the election season candidates and their sponsors inject huge sums of cash to the markets to promote themselves and their ideas. The biggest chunk of the money is spend on printed advertising including brochures, leaflets, banners, fleet graphics and more.

In an interview with Al Arabiya, Salamah Dirawy a well known economist said that elections are a good opportunity to pump massive amount of cash to the market.” More than half a billion dollar was spent on advertising campaigns by the candidates in these elections. This is unprecedented in Jordan. Many sectors and businesses are benefitting from the excitement and the euphoria that are associated with elections,” observes Dirawy.

He adds,” Elections is a major temporary boost to the economy. It also helps printing and advertising sectors to find a good source of seasonal jobs and revenues.”


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