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Moving Beyond Print

Saudi Xerox offers companies a host of services and tools to streamline their operations and move beyond printing.  The company aspires to be the number one choice of its customers, partners and business professionals by helping them achieve ambitions through the most diverse array of leading document technologies, products and services that improve their work processes and business results.

Saudi Xerox helps companies to “digitize” and “digitalize”

Although Xerox name is synonymous with digital printing what Saudi Xerox offers is much more than printing.  Saudi Xerox helps companies to “digitize” and “digitalize”. Sound similar? Well, they are not. Digitization is all about the data required for communication, while digitalization is the process of implementing the workflow that uses the data. The digitization and digitalization are essential steps for Saudi companies to fall in line with Saudi Arabia’s ongoing Vision 2030 initiative.

Meanwhile, according to Keypoint Intelligence’s research, post-pandemic office print volumes are 13% lower than pre-pandemic print volumes. Businesses with 250+ employees are experiencing greatest decline in printing habits. In such a backdrop digital workflows and cloud services have become the norm for many office workers, and these have further reduced the need to print.

Industry 4.0

Go with the Flow

Saudi Xerox Solutions offer unstoppable productivity wherever work happens, while brings the power to overcome everyday challenges to office constellations

Xerox Workflow Central  platform is a cloud-based solution that takes the guesswork out of converting physical and digital files into usable formats. Workflow Central makes it easy to transform documents instantly from any device, including PCs, tablets, mobile devices and multifunction printers.

Xerox Workflow system

Ideal for on-the-go employees that work across a variety of devices and document types, Workflow Central solves everyday workflow challenges, such as translation, redaction, file conversion, and more.

Xerox Workflow Central Platform brings the power to overcome everyday challenges to all of your devices — from any PC, mobile device and Xerox® Multifunction Printer (MFP). It takes the hassle out of converting files into usable, actionable formats with seamless, secure, 24/7 access from anywhere.


CareAR Service Experience Management Platform combines DocuShare’s content management system, XMPie’s cross-media platform, and Xerox’s PARC Alto AI artificial intelligence engine. The expanded CareAR service experience platform supports service workforces with the visual tools and access to data that are needed to consistently deliver high quality service experiences for service employees and end-customers, all while lowering the operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions of service providers. The backbone of the new CareAR platform is the augmented reality technology Xerox gained through the acquisition of CareAR, Inc.

CareAR’s service experience management platform delivers high quality customer outcomes and service experiences for enterprises across multiple industries. The company’s augmented reality technology is disrupting the service delivery ecosystem and addressing key sustainability and workforce challenges.

In order to highlight the  capabilities  of CareAR to organizations and institutions in KSA, Saudi Xerox is participating  in IDC Saudi Arabia  Government Congress as platinum partner. The central theme of the congress is “Reimagining the Future of Government in the Era of Digital Transformation”.

IDC Saudi Arabia  Government congress  will delve into a range of today’s most pressing topics to examine how pioneering government executives are driving digital innovation while protecting citizen privacy and fostering digital sovereignty. For more information on this important event log on to https://www.idc.com/mea/events/69681-idc-government-congress-2022#category_10


XMPie are software solutions for some of today’s marketing challenges. XMPie is a Xerox company.  XMPie platform has many solutions that feature the ability to create personalized marketing campaigns across several channels – print, Web, email, mobile, video and other media. Personalization draws attention to your message and is more likely to engage your customer to interact with your company.

XMPie can also provide you with online web to print stores with campaign management, tracking and reporting. The online experience can be personalized using the tools in the XMPie array of products.

Workflow is the key for print operation as well

Companies and print providers have realized the importance of a smooth, efficient workflow. It has become a competitive advantage that helps drive more business and enhances customer relations. Some features, such as remote job submission and proofing, not only streamline production but make it easier for customers to do business with print providers. Xerox Saudi offers you the right solutions for your digital transformation requirements.

Saudi-Xerox logo

About Saudi Xerox

Saudi Xerox is the representation of Xerox in Saudi Arabia. It was established in 1986, with business lines that include providing solutions to improve business processes, automation, and printing technology through an innovative vision of maximizing productivity and efficiency to create a better work environment. Saudi Xerox offers the full array of Xerox products and services ranging from workplace assistants, workflow solutions and managed print services in the KSA market. We address global and local market challenges consistently together in alignment with Xerox global standard. For more information, please visit www.saudixerox.com  

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