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More Than 37 Million Copies Of Qur’an Distributed During Hajj

Doctor Mohammad Salem bin Shadid al-Oufi, the Secretary General of King Fahd Complex for Printing Qur’an in Medina, announced that the complex so far has produced more than 300 million copies of Quran in different languages. He added: “The total copies distributed among pilgrims during past 30 years exceeds 37 million copies.”

He also pointed out that the Complex has recently finished the translation of the Qur’an into Swahili, making it the sixty third translation carried out by the Complex.

According to Al-Oufi the list of translations include 32 Asian, 16 African and15 European languages including Spanish, Ukrainian, Albanian, German, English, Italian, Portuguese, Bosnian, Danish, Swedish, Romanian, French, Hungarian, Macedonian, and Greek.

The Complex is currently proofreading and editing new translations which include Hebrew, Japanese, Cham, Dari, Dagbani, Afar, Kurdish, and Cambodian. The Zulu and Deutsch translations will soon be launched as well. The Complex has already embarked on a research project to find the resources for translations of Qur’an into seven other languages namely Uzbek, Amharic, Tigrinya, Jola, Lezgian, and Balochi.

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