Ministry Of Endowment To Print More Than 672,000 Copies Of Quran

The Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs of Qatar and Turkish company Bilnet reached an agreement for printing 672,000 copies of the third edition of Qatar Mushaf. Bilnet Printing Solutions is expected to deliver the first batch of the Quran copies by the beginning of next Ramadan.

First edition of Qatar Mushaf was published in 2010 and since then it had been widely used in Qatar. 450,000 of the latest edition of Qatar Quran will be donated to African countries.
Head of administrative and financial office of the Ministry, Ali Obeid Al Marri, said that the value of the latest edition of Qatar Quran contract is USD 4,600,000 $ (17 million Qatari riyals). The Turkish Bilnet has won this contract.

He also said that Qatar has set rigorous conditions for printing operation based on the highest Quran printing standards. He also added that a team of 300 Imams and memorizers of Quran will work on proofreading of the third edition of Qatar Quran which was hand written in Doha.

The team will be accompanied by a monitoring and auditing committee during the printing process in Turkey. The company has provided a permanent base for the committee, enabling them to follow the process 24/7.

Hassan Kolbaran, CEO of Bilnet said: “printing Qurans is an honorable assignment that requires utmost attention to details.

We will stay committed to our Qatari partners”.

The Turkish company will be using the top of the line printing equipment and supplies from top European manufacturers to produce the holy book.
“we realize that when it comes to the Holy Quran, it is a must to put profit and loss aside; as there is something more important, which is the contribution in serving the Holy Quran.” Concluded Kolbaran.

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