Meeting Discusses Rights of Workers in Printing Sector

Recently Amman, the Jordanian capital, witnessed the third observatory meeting of the printing chamber, which monitors the rights of workers in the printing sector of Jordan. The meeting was held to follow up the recommendations that were made in two previous meetings.

Recently, a report which was published by the Phoenix Centre for Economics and Information Studies pointed out that majority of abuses revolved around small and medium sized printing presses. Low wages, denial of health insurance, sick leave and inadequate safety measures at work sites were some of the issues affecting the workers. The report pointed out that bigger printing presses had higher level of commitment in terms of labour standards and in protecting worker’s rights.

The meeting was attended by Adnan Abu Ragheb, president of press owner’s syndicate, Mohammad Al-Zoubi, head of Printing, Paper and Cardboard Union, Ahmed Awad, head of Phoenix Centre for Economic and Social Studies, Moses Subaihi, Director of Media Centre in the Security Corporation, Ali Fouda, head of the Directorate of Inspection, and Firas Shatnawi, Director of the Directorate of Occupational Safety.

The meeting began with a word of thanks from Moses Subaihi, for the participant’s interest to care for the rights of workers in the printing sector. He stressed on the positive responses received from various parties, which identified the grievances of the workers..

Adnan Abu Ragheb emphasized the keenness of press owners to redress the grievances of the workforce and the willingness of the union to coordinate with other workers union. Mohammad Al-Zoubi confirmed that the union had a clear mechanism to follow up the situation of workers in this sector and expressed his keenness to follow up and resolve all complaints put forward by the workers. He said that the association also educates union members of their rights, and added that the labour rights of workers in printing sector are well protected and working conditions are comfortable.

It was also agreed that regular inspections will be conducted by Security Corporation to ensure that all workers come under the security umbrella, and to hold awareness lectures and workshops for employees.

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