Major Brands Confirmed for the 2018 World Imaging Virtual Conference

Recycling Times Media Corporation (RT Media) and Galliford Consulting & Marketing will hold the World Imaging Virtual Conference on January 10-11, 2018. The online event has gathered elite speakers from Germany, the USA, Japan and China to educate and inform the imaging industry. Their topics will cover toners, chips, external toner additives and printer cartridges.

Naohiro Naito, Manager of AT-SX Market Cluster from Nippon Aerosil, will introduce the new technology in external additives for toner applications and share a strategy for choosing the proper external additives. He will share new concepts that are now taking place in the design of toners that meet recent technical challenges.

Tomas McHugh, General Manager of Eastman Kodak, will also join the conference and share opportunities in value-added toner. He will share four technologies that can add real value and the key points required to apply them into products.

In addition, Lexmark’s Research Scientist, Dinesh Tyagi, will discuss the current and future demands on toner performance characteristics and manufacturing technology. Delacamp’s CEO Volker Kappius will provide an overview on the evolution of toner cartridge architecture and how this affects remanufacturing.

Tickets—with group discounts—are available for the 2018 World Imaging Virtual Conference to be held January 10-11, 2018.

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