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UAE’s Human Appeal International recently donated units of Braille Printers to Al Quds Open University in province of Jenin. The printers will be a valuable tool for production of books and academic publications in Braille language. This donation is a vital learning support for blind and visually impaired Palestinian students.

Ibrahim Rashid, Director of HAI Office in Palestine said that printers which were already delivered to Al-Quds Open University in West Bank will soon churn out books and academic material in Braille language.

He added that each printer costs around 35000 Dirhams and features high speed, accuracy and the ability to print on a variety of paper stocks.  The Arabic data that is fed to the printers is translated and converted into proper format and transferred on to the paper in Braille language with high speed.

For his part Dr. Imad Nizal, director of Al – Quds Open University, expressed his gratitude to UAE leadership, government and people of UAE for their continued humanitarian support provided to the Palestinian people.

He pointed out that HAI has built a dedicated hall in university for people with disabilities and also distributed copies of Quran in Braille to the blind students. HAI has close ties with many universities and has always helped underprivileged students at the University of Jerusalem and other universities across Palestine.

The Palestinian students who are benefitting from this donation are particularly upbeat about the opportunities that the new printers will bring them.

The books produced by donated printers will enable blind students to take full advantage of the academic curriculum.

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