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Kuwait Finance House Cuts Paperwork by Going Digital

Kuwait Finance House (KFH), the first Islamic bank established in Kuwait in 1977, announced the launch of the new ‘digital print’ service, which aims to end paper-based transactions in retail banking services. The new service is a step forward and part of KFH’s efforts towards digitalization, improving customer experience, enhancing operational efficiency, and minimizing the time span of its banking transactions.

Khaled Yousef Alshamlan, KFH Group Chief Retail and Private Banking Officer said that KFH is the first bank to introduce ‘digital print’ service at its branches targeting retail customers. He added that the service is a major and advanced step towards e-banking which will greatly reduce the number of printed documents at branches by converting them into a digital copy. Upon customer’s request, a secured digital copy will be sent to the customer’s e-mail following the completion of a banking transaction at a branch. This will be done in a secure and swift manner by using a PIN to ensure security and utmost confidentiality.

Alshamlan added that the service has been launched on an experimental basis in two branches of KFH and has received great success and acceptance by both, customers and employees.

The officer indicated that the new service is being applied to all KFH branches, so that all customers can benefit from the advantages of the service, the most important of which are speed, security, and privacy. As for KFH, it aims to achieve operational efficiency, keep pace with technological development, and make the most of the available technological infrastructure, in addition to efforts to maintain a healthy environment.

KFH is today at the forefront as a leading banking services provider, coping with global developments in the field of banking.

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