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Koenig and Bauer Launches New Rapida 106 X For Packaging Market

During live streaming today Koenig and Bauer introduced an all new Rapida 106 X sheetfed press for packaging market.

With maximum speed of 20000 sheets per hour the machine is fastest offset press in the market. The machine was scheduled to be unveiled during drupa 2020 but since the event has been postponed the German manufacturer decided to go ahead and launch it to the market.

The machine displayed live was a 7-color press with inline foiling, coating tower, dryer and drying unit and extra printing unit at the end of the line plus another coating tower for special application.

The feeder is completely revamped and includes an inkjet head for numbering the sheets. The numbers will be used for inspection system to detect faulty sheets. The infeed is equipped with side lay free infeed system.

The new Rapida 106 X shown was equipped with improved cold foil module from Optima with added indexing feature. The ink ducts are specially coated and change of color can be done in less than two minutes. The press is also equipped with simultaneous roll wash.

The whole makeready time including simultaneous plate changing and wash ups is done under 7 minutes, Blanket tension is set and controlled throughout print run via motors.

The machine showcased boasted one coating unit, one dryer, one drying unit, another drying tower at the end of the line, and camera for quality control and color management. The camera takes 20000 pictures per hour and can detect errors. The press can be monitored and operated via mobile app. Machine’s operating console is redesigned from ground up.

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