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King Fahd Complex to Hold International Symposium on Printing The Holy Quran

King Fahd Complex for the Printing of Holy Quran will hold an international symposium on Printing during October this year. The symposium titled, ‘Printing the Holy Quran – Reality and Expectations’ will be attended by specialists from the printing field, related institutions and other official bodies from around the world. The symposium will present research and studies on Quran, and share experience of printers.

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Salem Aufi, the Secretary General of the Preparatory Committee of the seminar said that there will be a series of meetings held during the event that will discuss various topics related to the printing of Quran.

The seminar will discuss how to build databases, define benchmarks, and draft regulations, while printing the Holy Quran, and will arrange meetings between consultants and specialists working in this field.  The event will talk about the latest printing technologies and how they can be used to ensure optimum quality, while printing Quran. 

Participants at the seminar will discuss about five major topics. The first topic will be about the history of printing the Holy Quran in Europe, in Levant, Africa, India, and in Asia. The second topic will be about the scientific aspects that are related with Quran. The third topic will look into the various stages in printing, starting from the preparation of the text till binding and the best possible ways that can be adopted to do these jobs. It will look into the aesthetic aspects such as design, decoration, and materials used etc. and will discuss about printing Quran in Braille script and for people with special needs. The fourth topic will discuss about the impact of digital media over printing. The fifth topic will discuss about the role of King Fahd Complex in printing Quran, which will address issues like quality control measures, electronic technologies in production control, technical specifications etc. that are adopted by the Complex.

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