Killer Nano Coating From Pro Shield

Jiouzao Co., Ltd is an innovative healthcare company that provides solutions to forming nano coating covers on surfaces, killing viruses in one touch and protecting people from harmful environments.

The brand ProShield nanocomposite materials have obtained world certifications from MicroBac, FDA, and SGS. The ProShield series of products are proven to have the effects of decomposing viruses, bacteria, and dirt. Dedicated to preventive medicine and cross infection reduction, Jiouzao has developed non-woven fabric masks with antibacterial and antiviral functions. Medical equipment distributors have used nanocomposite materials series products to establish competitive advantages and increase sales.

Top Competitive Advantages:
• Edible, FDA certified to be safe for humans and animals
• MicroBac SARS, H1N1 and Enterovirus test certified
• ISO18184 certified (antiviral testing against H1N1)
• An economical solution to decompose contaminants

“Through our service, many of our clients have successfully launched their new products lines combining with ProShield Nano Materials. Now, more and more worldwide companies are working with us for the best solutions of antiviral, anti-bacteria, anti-mold and self-clean products,” said the General Manager.

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