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Kanoo Partners with Imaginarium for 3D Solutions

Kanoo Industrial & Energy, the leading provider of engineering services to the industrial sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC region, has announced the launch of additive manufacturing and reverse engineering solutions, in partnership with Imaginarium, India’s leading 3D printing and advanced manufacturing technology company and which also houses the largest collection of 3D printing products and systems.

The advanced additive manufacturing and reverse engineering solutions of Kanoo are extremely versatile for different industrial uses. They contribute significantly to reducing prototype production costs, in addition to raising the efficiency and speed of small-scale production. These solutions also help simplify the development and improvement of the produced parts, and they support the electronic storage of the shape and specifications of the parts, which reduces the need for physical storage space. These solutions aim to support efforts to conserve resources and energy in the Kingdom’s production and manufacturing operations.

Speaking on the occasion, Ali Abdulla Kanoo, President of Kanoo Industrial & Energy, says, “We are very pleased to offer additive manufacturing and reverse engineering solutions to industries in Saudi Arabia, providing them with smart ways to enhance production efficiency in their diversified industrial activities, by taking advantage of an advanced 3D manufacturing technology. We are proud of our partnership with Imaginarium to provide these solutions, and we have great confidence that this cooperation will contribute to meeting many of the needs and requirements of the national industries in the Kingdom.”

Fawzi Ahmed Kanoo, Vice President of the company says, “We collaborate with the world’s best equipment distributors and with many of the leading technology partners to provide our customers from various sectors with the best services and practical solutions, helping businesses achieve new levels of excellence and quality. Additive manufacturing is in line with the Saudi Vision 2030, through the development of a sustainable industrial foundation and localizing advanced manufacturing technologies.”

Kanoo Industrial & Energy is a division of the Kanoo Group, a UAE-based diversified business conglomerate, one of the largest independent, family-owned groups of companies in the Gulf region. The group’s business activities include some of the world’s most dynamic industries including shipping, oil & gas, travel and holidays, machinery, engineering, power and industrial projects, exhibition services, courier services, logistics, specialty chemicals, business centers, and other commercial and retail activities in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar.

Mumbai-based Imaginarium provides 3D printing solutions to more than 50 industries. Imaginarium Rapid is an all-inclusive, comprehensive solution for 3D printing and manufacturing needs. Imaginarium Life provides patient specific customized 3D printed solutions for medical and healthcare. Imaginarium Solutions is designed to provide comprehensive working coverage to achieve the best results in production operations. And finally Imaginarium Precious bridges the distance from idea to jewellery with additive manufacturing solutions for uncompromising finesse and craft.

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