Huge Rise In The Price Of Newspapers

Members of Sudan’s Association of The Newspaper Publishers unanimously agreed to increase the price of printed newspaper to 2.5 pounds, an increase of 60%. The previous newspaper single copy price was 1.5 pound.

Newspapers printers across the country are facing unprecedented rise in price of consumable and supplies including inks, plates and paper. The price rise comes after the government decided to increase the taxes on printing consumables. The new price scheme has already came into effect since mid-November.  

Other factors that led to the huge rise in newspaper prices include depreciation of Sudan’s national currency and county’s financial crisis.

Nevertheless some newspapers have decided to continue with current price levels.

The sharp price rise in single copy newspaper price had already sent shivers throughout advertisement agencies who fear their high profile customers such as telecommunications companies would reject any increase in the price of advertising.

However newspaper publishers believe the only way to keep newspapers afloat is to increase the single copy price rather than advertisement.  Everyone expects that during coming months country’s financial meltdown sparks a sharp decline in people’s purchasing power, which inevitably will lead to fall in advertising activities and less demand for newspapers.

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