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HP’s Bold Vision at the Saudi Signage Expo 2024

Abdallah Aoude discusses HP's strategy for the Saudi Signage Expo and the company's dedication to the Saudi market.

The Saudi Signage Expo, scheduled for March 5-7, 2024, is poised to attract significant attention, featuring leading large format printing companies, with HP Middle East planning a vibrant and impactful presence. This event aligns perfectly with Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Saudi Vision 2030, aiming to diversify the economy and reduce oil dependence, offering a prime opportunity for companies like HP to connect with the kingdom’s dynamic market.

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Abdallah Aoude, HP’s Large Format Pro Lead for the Middle East and Africa, emphasizes the importance of HP’s participation, highlighting it as a demonstration of the company’s dedication to the Saudi market and its commitment to leading in technological advancements in digital printing and sustainable decor. Aoude notes the expo as an excellent venue for HP to present its innovative solutions, engage with customers, and showcase how HP’s technologies can bolster business growth.

Aoude explains that HP is strategically prepared to showcase its leadership in digital printing in Saudi Arabia, emphasizing innovation and sustainability with solutions that meet local business needs. The goal is to reinforce HP’s reputation as a reliable and innovative partner.


At the expo, HP will highlight its latest large format printing technologies, focusing on products for signage, retail, décor, and commercial applications, aiming to demonstrate their impact on enhancing creativity and productivity across various industries. Aoude points out that this participation not only showcases HP’s dedication to advanced solutions that cater to regional needs but also strengthens its position in the Middle East through direct engagement with customers and partners.

Since establishing its presence in 2001, HP has aligned its sustainability efforts with Saudi Arabia’s visionary goals, anticipating a demand surge for innovative solutions. The expo will also debut HP’s Gen 4 printers, showcasing HP’s ongoing innovation and commitment to sustainability in the printing sector. These printers are designed with a focus on environmental responsibility, efficiency, and versatility.

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Aoude further discusses HP’s approach to supporting customer success in the market, providing sustainable and innovative technology solutions tailored to specific needs. With a commitment to sustainability, HP offers comprehensive training and support, enabling customers to maximize their technology investments.

Highlighting HP’s technological advancements, Aoude mentions the integration of advanced inkjet technologies like HP Latex, smart printing solutions leveraging AI and machine learning, and user-friendly software features. These innovations underline HP’s commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, ensuring their printers meet high standards of performance, versatility, and environmental responsibility.

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