Hajen Printing Press Boosts Capacity With Two Durst Printers

Riyadh based Hajen printing Press purchased two new Durst Rho 512 roll to roll and, Rho P10- 160 flatbed wide format printers.

The company sealed the deal with Giffin Graphics -Durst representative in the region- during SGI 2014. Hajen caters to commercial, packaging and digital printing market. The company operates in Saudi Arabia however according to Mobarak al Ghanim one of the company’s three partners Hajen has the potential to expand and service other countries in the region.    

“We started our activities in 1982 as a colour separation house and then we expanded into packaging, commercial and digital printing. Our packaging and digital printing sectors are experiencing healthy growth. We recently added a manroland 700 press to our fleet of offset presses. We have also a number of Bobst machines.” Comments Al Ghanim.

He adds,” I’m happy with Durst. The speed and productivity of the machine is outstanding. Major shopping malls in Saudi Arabia are our customers and they demand quality. With Durst we are able to offer them the quality and fast delivery. We are planning to buy more digital machines to be able to respond to the growing demand for billboards, posters, stickers and other promotional materials in Saudi Arabia.”

Rho 512 is an extra-wide 12-pictoliter UV inkjet printer with Variodrop technology.

Featuring Durst Quadro Array 12M print head technology and droplet sizes of 12 pictoliters. The machine prints at 900 dpi and a maximum speed of 350 m² per hour. Rho 512R prints on a variety of large-format advertising materials.

It can also process three 1.6 m rolls at the same time. Rho 512R is equipped with Variodrop technology and uses multiple impulses for modulating the droplet size. Thus the exact amount of ink is placed, which prevents the drop satellites common in conventional gray-scale printing. Rho P10-160 UV inkjet printer offers media flexibility both in size and type. It can print on rigid and roll materials.

As a result of Durst’s latest Quadro Array 10 printhead technology, the Rho P10 160, like all other P10 models, provides high print quality whilst maintaining the high level of productivity. It is capable of printing up to 100 sqm at 1000 dpi.

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