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GITEX Offers Firsthand Look at Innovative Solutions

What products or solutions will you be exhibiting at the show?

At GITEX 2023, we are thrilled to showcase our latest offerings. Partners and customers can expect a firsthand look at the innovative additions to Ricoh’s Smart Meeting Device Category, such as the Ricoh Portable Monitor and the new Ricoh Laser Projectors. These projectors are engineered to deliver a versatile, visually stunning experience, catering to the growing demand for projectors with 4K lumens and above.


Additionally, our comprehensive range of Ricoh-branded scanners, including the ScanSnap, fi, and SP series, will be prominently featured at our booth. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the latest enhancements in our ScanSnap products, which now include the new ScanSnap Home app. Notably, we have significantly improved the OCR capabilities for Arabic in our ScanSnap scanners, enabling more efficient data processing when scanning Arabic documents.

We eagerly anticipate connecting with our partners and showcasing these exciting new devices.

Significance of GITEX for our Business:

GITEX holds immense significance for PFU (EMEA) Limited. It provides a valuable platform to strengthen existing partnerships, introduce new products to both partners and customers, and underscore our commitment to channel partners and the market while reinforcing our core brand attributes. With a longstanding presence at GITEX, we view this event as an opportunity to enhance existing partnerships and cultivate new ones, fostering a promising outlook for the future. We eagerly look forward to meeting everyone at GITEX.

Business Interests Served by GITEX:

GITEX has consistently provided a space for us to engage with both our partners and end-users, present our latest products, and connect with the dynamic tech industry. Following PFU Japan’s recent acquisition by Ricoh Japan, GITEX serves as a platform to directly communicate our rebrand to our partners and end-users. Moreover, PFU will be launching several key new products into the Middle East market during the event.

Image capture, the first step in digital transformation:

Our products play a pivotal role in digital transformation by enabling organizations to harness the benefits of digital technology within their daily operations. The RICOH fi Series scanners facilitate the seamless transition of physical data into the digital realm, often referred to as the first step to digital transformation. In addition, ScanSnap offers advanced OCR capabilities for converting paper-based content into easily accessible digital information, whether in Arabic, English and many other languages.

We’ve also introduced the Ricoh Smart Meeting Device Category, featuring the Ricoh Portable Monitor and the Ricoh Laser Projectors. These innovations, such as high-quality OLED touch screens and powerful projectors, enhance hybrid working and elevate the technical infrastructure required for productive meetings.

Future of Document Management Systems:

The landscape of document management systems is poised for significant change in the coming years. Technology continually evolves, with AI playing a pivotal role. AI has already revolutionized document management, as exemplified by PFU’s scanners utilizing OCR technology for automated document handling. This reduces the need for manual data entry, enhances accuracy, and boosts efficiency.

PFU is actively pursuing strategic partnerships with influential ISVs in the AI and DMS sectors, aiming to integrate advanced AI capabilities into workflows. Collaborating with key leaders in the DMS industry, ISVs are positioned to create seamless and efficient document management solutions that cater to the evolving needs of businesses and organizations.

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