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Future Printing Press builds stronger online presence

Nawaf Abdullah AlHammadi, general manager, said: “The rapid growth of Future Printing Press since its establishment in 2006 is due to several factors such as a dedicated professional team and a strong base of our loyal customers. We have always strived to know the requirements of the market and have employed the best team for that. We have also used the latest printing machinery to keep up with market changes.”

Ahmed Said Mohamed, executive director, said: “Future Printing Press has gone through many changes as in recent years, the printing and design variables have developed significantly, making us one of the leading printing presses in Qatar and we never abandoned the quality and commitment to timing. We are committed to the spirit of the teamwork and innovation.We stress always on meeting the expectations of our customers by ensuring the quality of printing services and providing a positive experience for customers in various ways until the experience becomes a continuity in dealing with Future Printing.”

“We will also provide our valued customers with new services such as the distribution, as we have a long experience in distribution in all Arab countries and Europe, as we are members in the Arab Distribution Union for more than 15 years,” he added.

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