Fujifilm’s XMF Workflow System Wins Good Design Award 2012

Fujifilm recently announced that its next generation hybrid workflow system- ‘Fujifilm Workflow XMF’ (XMF) developed by the company, has been awarded Japan’s popular and highly rated ‘Good Design Award’ 2012.
XMF, introduced in 2007 is (according to the company) one of the most comprehensive print production systems on the market and has so far made 3,500 installations worldwide.
The workflow solution now consists of ‘XMF Workflow’ (for managing print production) and ‘XMF Remote’ (the web based system for remote job submission and approval) and is configurable to meet a wide range of requirements.
The XMF solutions are user friendly and have a Graphical User Interface (GUI). The web-based supporting system, ‘XMF Remote’ allows remote proofing over the internet, bringing benefits in terms of eliminating the need to produce physical proofs and streamlining the actual collaborative approvals process, but also helps in reducing waste and saving resources. This “excellent functionality” and “contribution to society and environment” were the reasons for the system winning the “Good Design Award”.
One of the judges commented, “The objective of this workflow system is to streamline the print process. The major reason for winning the award is its system and user interface, designed for efficient operation by various types of users involved, such as clients who order print jobs, designers who create materials, and operators in printing companies etc. It’s simple and function user interface design is a good example of the industrial user interface of the future.”

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