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Interview with Victor Abergel, VP of MGI

Covid 19 pandemic affecting all aspects of industries and the way companies do business. Recently Five French manufacturers of equipment dedicated to self-adhesive label and flexible packaging markets – Codimag, GIC, MGI, Serame and SMAG – have decided to join forces by creating a Club to promote their technologies to label printers and converters. Dubbed as Label French Tech Club, this initiative is a natural consequence of the current situation as well as postponement of drupa, which is driving the companies to come up with creative ideas for marketing and sending their messages across. To find out more about this particular initiative ME Printer talked with Victor Abergel, VP of MGI.





What was the main reason behind the formation of this Club?

The main reason for this club is due to the COVID 19 situation, the 5’s manufactures got in touch with each other and thought about how to be able to occupy the field after the decontainment and promote our respective technologies. So, we decided to create the Label French Tech Club and the Label French Tech Expo (the event will take place the first week of October).

Is this only a French initiative or manufacturers from other countries can also join the club?

No, the idea for the first edition is only reserved for the 5’s French manufacturer

In which way the members of the club work together? 

Very simply. Each company will promote its own technology and how a global integration with the others members can be proposed to the market.

Will this be a first step for a joint venture between the members?

No, it is not the concept. Each member is independent and participates in this strategic alliance.

Do you think big international trade exhibitions are doomed and there is not enough reason to attend the mega events such as Drupa? 

No this is not our analysis even if we think that professional fairs are going to live a very difficult period. The idea was to bust the marketing activity by organizing an original event likely to go beyond the usual formats and which may interest professionals in the flexible label and packaging industry.

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