Fourth Media and Advertising Exhibition Held

The fourth session of the Saudi Media and Advertising Exhibition 2012 was held from 25th to 27th September, 2012 at the Old Exhibition Centre in Riyadh. The exhibition was opened by Rahman Jeraisy, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh. The event was attended by local and international companies in the field of marketing and advertising.

The exhibition highlighted the latest trends and developments in the advertising industry, as well as served as a platform for marketing and advertising professionals in the Kingdom. The event attracts many advertising companies from the Middle East and provided cutting-edge and latest solutions available in the field. The show attracted audience from countries like China, India, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman and Egypt. A wide array of solutions was presented at the event, which included solutions for e-marketing and advertising, electronic machinery and printing equipments for doing signage, solutions in graphic designing etc. Workshops and discussion sessions were held that talked about various disciplines related to the advertising industry.

Sheikha-Al-Muzaini, Director General of Batola Company for Organization of Local and International Exhibitions observed that the show aims to harness ideas and energies available at international levels and provide it to enrich the local media and advertising industry.

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