First Phase Of Quran Press Project Completed

The Public Authority responsible for the printing and distribution of the Holy Quran and Prophetic Sunnahs (traditions) and sciences in Kuwait recently announced the completion of the first phase of Quran Printing House project.

The first phase mainly consisted of conducting a number of studies and visiting local and regional printing houses to learn about their experiences in printing the Holy book.

The General Manager of the Authority and the  Chairman of the Technical Committee Dr. Yasser Ibrahim Al Mazroui said that during last two years the technical committee in charge conducted the necessary studies and consultations and visited a number of printing houses  including King Fahd Complex for Printing the Holy Quran in Saudi Arabia, The Government Press in Ministry of Information and other commercial and specialized printing presses to pinpoint the best possible choice of equipment and solutions for the new printing house.

He adds: “After receiving the land the committee will start working on buildings’ design and infrastructure as well as necessary printing and finishing equipment for production of Holy Quran. This is a milestone project for Kuwait. ”

Publishing Quran is a complex process and requires utmost attention to finest details. The publisher must ensure publication of the text of the Holy Quran is free from errors of printing and recording and proper disposal of damaged copies of the Holy Quran.

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