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Fespa Is A Global Brand

Fespa is now well known in a world of screen and large format printing. Fespa exhibitions are now being held in many countries including China, Turkey, Mexico, Spain and UK. While some other trade shows are limping Fespa is growing by leaps and bounds. We sat down with Neil Felton, Fespa’s CEO to find out what’s behind the company’s successful trajectory. “Fespa brand didn’t really exist 5 years ago in countries such as China, Turkey, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil and others but now Fespa is a global brand. This international recognition helps us to grow even further.

The local shows that we organize with the help of associations and exhibitors attract many visitors and create an international audience which are willing to participate in our major international shows such as Fespa Digital. On the other hand we always reinvest part of our profit into the industry again. We don’t pay dividends to our shareholders. Our job is to help the industry grow. We never enter a market unless we see a demand. We have close cooperation with trade associations in each country. For example in Turkey we are now organizing Fespa Eurasia.

Our exhibitors approached us and told us they need something fresh in that region. They wanted people to come with fresh perspective. We have already held our first Fespa Eurasia and the signs are encouraging.” Says Felton. 

Although Fespa now has a global presence, there is one geographical location that the event hasn’t tapped into and that is Middle East.  Felton explains: “As I already mentioned if the industry in country is willing to cooperate with us and asks us to join them we will do it. For example in Brazil we were able to increase the sales of our partners up to 30%. Same thing happened in South Africa. People should realize that by joining Fespa they can increase their revenues and profile. We are willing to join hands with reliable partners in the Middle East.”

Almost all the major large format printer manufacturers were present at Fespa digital which is definitely smaller in scope comparing to the Main Fespa event to be held in 2015. The fact is in span of one year these manufacturers will not introduce something new. There will be tweaks and small modifications.

Does this mean Fespa digital is actually competing with main Fespa show? Felton doesn’t agree. He says. “I don’t think so. There is always something new. Fespa 2015 covers a broad spectrum of technologies and products including screen printing. Textile printing will be present in a bigger way. So the garment decoration from screen printing perspective which isn’t present here are very much present in Fespa 2015. Fespa digital will be held between two major Fespa events.”

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