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Famed Designer Launches First 3D Printed Dress

3D Printing technology is taking over every industry. This time it is the fashion industry that got to experience the magic of 3D printing. Not Just a Label revealed one of UAE’s most esteemed designer Khulood Thani’s mind boggling 3D printed dress at the first ever ‘Meet D3,’ an art and fashion showcase hosted by Dubai Design District last month.

Khulood Thani, the designer behind Emirati line Bint Thani teamed up with architect Amer Aldour of INTER | ACT for a period of nine months in order to come up with the experimental project, known as “Urban Corp.” The designs are inspired by Dubai itself.

Thani said, “It was indeed a challenge deciding on the actual material that we wanted to do the 3D printed dress and deciding on the cubical shape that we wanted to own for this dress. “We searched all the different executed dresses in 3D printing, so we ensure that we are having something completely different and unique to express it as a ‘Dubai Design’. Then the challenge was to concert the piece to be more wearable rather than an art piece, where functionality plays a very important role,” added Thani.

The collaborative work of Thani and Aldour culminated into a 3D model of the cubic, architectural concept which was inspired by Dubai’s modern cityscape and high-rise. But the main challenge was to make the dress wearable and adaptable to the wearer’s body.

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