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Dubai Municipality to Recycle 3 Million Plastic Packaging

Reinforcing community responsibility in the environmental sector by inspiring both individuals and institutions to make eco-friendly choices, Dubai Municipality has launched a far-sighted initiative of collecting and recycling three million units of plastic packaging, which amounts to an impressive 60 tonnes of PET plastic.

PET plastic is widely used in food and beverage packaging, being the preferred choice due to its durability, light weight, transparency, non-toxicity, and high productivity in recycling.

Sustainabile plastic packaging

The initiative aims to reduce plastic consumption and foster methods and programmes that will significantly increase the diversion rate of plastic waste from traditional disposal techniques. This will further elevate the circular economy index, contributing to the overall sustainability of Dubai’s cleanliness and environment while aligning with the national environmental targets.

The initiative also involves the manufacture of recycled fabrics using plastic bottles by DGrade – Dubai-based designers and manufacturers of clothing and accessories from recycled plastic bottles – to be worn as uniforms by municipal sanitation workers.

Sustainabile plastic packaging

Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, emphasizes, “This social initiative highlights the Municipality’s unwavering commitment to reducing the impact of waste material, advocating the concept of recycling and promoting the green circular economy, aligning with the Year of Sustainability in the UAE. The initiative is in line with the UAE Net Zero 2050 commitment and national targets, and the goals outlined in the Dubai Integrated Waste Management Strategy 2021-2041. The approach involves diverting 98% of waste from landfills.”

“Additionally, the initiative seeks to bolster sustainability by reducing carbon footprint by offsetting the release of 102 tonnes of carbon dioxide, and boost recycling, treatment, and provision of electricity,” adds Al Hajri. The initiative encourages both the government and private sectors to promote effective waste management, while increasing the ratio and quality of recycled materials.

Sustainabile plastic packaging

Dubai Municipality has initiated several proactive measures to achieve these goals, including the distribution of 100 smart plastic packaging containers to government and private educational institutions, besides governmental, non-governmental, and sports agencies. The Municipality has also designated 17 recyclable material collection centres for public use in populated areas. Additionally, 10 specialised plastic packaging containers have been setup at popular locations such as beaches and four smart plastic packaging recovery devices in public facilities including the Municipality building and its Al Manara service centre, and tourist landmarks such as Dubai Frame and Safari Park.

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