Dubai Chamber’s Paperless Strategy Saves AED 11 Million

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Dubai Chamber) confirmed that it has recorded a savings of 11 million dirhams after obtaining the 100% paperless stamp from the Dubai Digital Authority (DDA). The paperless strategy helped the Chamber save one million sheets of paper in 2021.

The estimated value of savings reflects the cost of printing, time, and transportation to the Chamber’s customer happiness centres.

The 100% paperless stamp was awarded to the Dubai Chamber on having fully implemented the Dubai Paperless Strategy launched by HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Dubai. The strategy aims to position Dubai as a smart global city along with making it the first paperless government in the world.

Based on its consumption in the last five years, from 2017 to 2021, the Chamber would have succeeded in dispensing around 37 million sheets of paper – amounting to the total consumption of paper sheets during this period – by obtaining the 100% paperless stamp.

President and CEO of Dubai Chamber Hamad Buamim stressed on the Chamber’s commitment to support the Dubai Paperless Strategy which is an important step towards strengthening Dubai’s position as a global business and innovation hub. He also pointed out that Chamber’s 50-odd smart services have facilitated in doing hassle-free business and streamlining processes.

Buamim also revealed that the digital shift during the COVID-19 pandemic saw the number of visitors to the Chamber’s customer happiness centres drop significantly and helped the organization in achieving a milestone of 100% smart transformation of its core services. He further stated that the Chamber has become a leading model in integrated digital transformation with a highly efficient digital infrastructure that meets the requirements of the business community.

On his part, Saif Hattawi, Director of Information Technology at Dubai Chamber says, “The Chamber’s success in transforming into a paperless institution came as a result of the efforts of a specialized team, with the advanced digital infrastructure enabling customers and employees of the Chamber to changeover to a new system that continues to evolve to meet the needs of the business community and achieve the objectives of the Dubai Paperless Strategy in record time.”

Hattawi pointed out that investing in the development of digital services and enriching the customer experience remains a priority of the Dubai Chamber, which recently signed the first paperless MoU with an Italian delegation, while striving to improve the digital customer experience system, and instill a culture of smart transformation in the sector through value-added services that make it easier for customers to complete their transactions and for employees to carry out their job duties to the fullest. He stressed that investing in smart solutions and advanced technologies is the most important investment for creating the future of business.

The Dubai Chamber applies the ‘smart room’ concept with 100% smart services and 100% paperless transactions based on the national vision that calls for facilitating and simplifying procedures for doing business by adopting innovation and the techniques of Industry 4.0 as a focal point to serve the business community and enhance its competitiveness.

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