Dubai Airports Honoured For Going 100% Paperless

Fatma Taher, Manager of Government Agenda at Dubai Airports has been honoured with a Certificate of Appreciation by Dubai Digital for her exceptional efforts in the organisation’s successful implementation of 100% paperless goal, in line with the Dubai Paperless Strategy.

The award was conferred on the sidelines of the 42nd edition of GITEX Global 2022 to highlight and appreciate individual contributions dedicated to achieving the objectives of the paperless strategy within government institutions and agencies to build a digital government infrastructure by transforming all paper-based government transactions to digital platforms.

“This honour comes as a high point of the close partnership between Dubai Digital and Dubai Airports which helped in accelerating the overall digital transformation of the organisation. We have been keen from the very beginning to develop an integrated work system to prepare and implement all the procedures required to achieve the digitization of operations and further the digital transformation of services, thus obtaining a 100% paperless stamp. This has been achieved in a record time, thanks largely to the concerted efforts of employees from all departments of the organisation who worked with high efficiency to reach quick and tangible results,” says Taher.

Dubai Airports, which owns and manages the Dubai International and the Dubai World Central, has made pioneering contributions since the launch of the Dubai Paperless Strategy with the aim of supporting the government’s efforts in digitizing operations and enhancing efficiency. It obtained the 100% paperless stamp by reducing transactions, digitizing over 200 services, and cancelling the use of 300 units of printing and copying machines, that helped save millions of dirhams in annual costs by adopting the integrated paperless system.

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