Decal Launches Microbial Free Range of Lamination Films

Decal has launched microbial free lamination films, which reduce bacteria and germs by 99.99% and prevent their multiplication for three years. A certified and developed range to increase security . Not only the security with which large format digital printing professionals answer to the market demands, but also the one of the final customer.

The efficiency of the new products has been proven by laboratory tests and respects the ISO 22196 certification, allowing applications with controlled hygiene guaranteed on printed objects and all types of flat and slightly curved surfaces. Supermarkets, companies, restaurants, elevators and public transport are some of the places for which this innovated product was designed.

According to Armado Mota, the solution which protects printings and people appears “in a context in which hygiene care is the centre of attention like never before”. However, it is not just a short-term need and, in that sense, he states that “we decided to find a film not only for the present, but also for the future, that could help in the antibacterial action between sanitizations”.

Decal´s COO and Business Development Director identifies those interested in the microbial free range, that is, “those responsible for any type of space where there is the possibility of cross-contact on surfaces”, that “now have the ability to eliminate bacteria, fungi or even reduce the spread of some viruses, such as coronavirus, type 229E”.

He adds that “we must, of course, be careful when passing on this information to the user, as these lamination films do not, in its essence, replace hygiene care. It significantly improves their performance in some scenarios, by 99.99% efficiency, but always maintaining all necessary hygiene care”.

Those who visit public spaces will know that the antimicrobial properties are present through the Hygiene+ quality seal. Armando Mota remarks that this certification “differentiate the places or establishments that use microbial free and allows our customers to show their customers the concern for their well-being. Furthermore, the type of additive responsible for this antibacterial and viral action is not harmful to human health. In short, we have found a balance between protection and security”.

A guarantee of confidence that professionals can give to the final customer while themselves enjoy the direct benefits of other differentiating features of decal, such as; its easy application and repositioning, the possibility of removal without leaving any residues and the options of glossy or matte finish.

decal´s microbial free range

decal overlaminate microbial free R SS 80

Removable PVC film with clear matte and clear glossy finishing options developed for laminating smooth (non-porous) surfaces. The possibility of repositioning and removal without residues allows its application without the need for specialized technical knowledge.

decal overlaminate microbial free P HT 80

Permanent PVC film that stands out for its high adhesion and adjusts to the specificities of each substrate. Perfect for laminating printed products and almost all types of surfaces (without irregularities), with clear matte and clear glossy options.

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