Building a vibrant community for publishing, printing, and packaging

Dubai Production City (DPC), formerly International Media Production Zone, is a leading business hub enabling the global and local publishing, printing and packaging industries to excel. Home to over more than 269 leading printing and packaging companies, DPC is a holistic community offering business, retail and residential lifestyle.

Saeed Al Falasi, executive director, Dubai Production City, is responsible for managing its operations and leading innovative initiatives that strive to promote the business park as an emerging, customer-centric brand. Saeed also spearheads programmes that seek to establish DPC as a community for the graphics arts and 3P industries – printing, publishing and packaging – by fostering the growth of media production from across the global industry value chain.

Saeed points out that DPC benefits from free zone privileges and regulations that facilitate the ease of business and operations, a unique and vibrant community supporting and fostering the growth of media production. This is in addition to the availability of highly skilled workforce and world class infrastructure.  All these various attractions enable companies to run a successful business and have access to efficiently operate in the MENA region.

“DPC is undoubtedly the most attractive place for printing and publishing companies in the UAE to set up their businesses because we offer the best infrastructure to support mass production printing. For global printing and communications industries, DPC is the ideal gateway to expand their operations to the Middle East region. As a free zone dedicated to printing, publishing, and packaging, our priority is to make it easy not only for business setup and licensing, but also to help them tackle the challenges of logistics, warehousing, and accessibility, and also provide other world-class facilities that business owners and employees would expect,” says Saeed.

DPC, which is part of the Tecom Group’s 11 business communities, is the latest to include Dubai in its brand name. All the brands and communities under Tecom Group symbolise a sharper focus on promoting innovation as the driving force behind the growth of the media industry. 

“Rebranding DPC helped us achieve consistency with Tecom Group’s other brands – media communities such as Dubai Media City (DMC), Dubai Studio City (DSC), Dubai Internet City (DIC), and Dubai Outsource City (DOC). Dubai is a globally recognized brand name, and maintains its position as an international hub of opportunities in the Middle East and Africa.  This rebranding symbolizes a sharper focus on promoting innovation as the driving force behind the growth of the media industry. Our reputation as a community supporting the creation and delivery of high quality content for all parts of the media industry has gathered strength and we are now ready to build on this platform through the next phase of our development. As has been said by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE vice president, prime minister and ruler of Dubai, the UAE has the capacity to become one of the most innovative countries in the world, and Dubai’s media industry will play a fundamental part in the delivery of that vision,” says Saeed. 

Majed Al Suwaidi, managing director of Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, and Dubai Production City, indicates that entrepreneurs and local talent are the future of the media industry and that Dubai’s media industry will play a fundamental role in making the UAE among the most innovative countries in the world. 

“We will always welcome international businesses and fully recognise the contribution they make to the building of vibrant communities. However, our focus will be on nurturing local talent and entrepreneurs, who are the future of the media industry. Our new platform for media start-ups and entrepreneurs, in5 Media, is an integral part of our incubation platform which aims at enabling the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem in Dubai and the region as a whole. As a platform, in5 plays a fundamental role in achieving our community’s innovative potential by allowing a fluid interaction between startups and entrepreneurs working across different sectors. The in5 model reflects the ever-increasing interconnectedness of sectors and strives to encourage founders and entrepreneurs to innovate at the boundaries and intersections of various industries,” says Majed.

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