Bobst Africa & Middle East Celebrates 20 Years of Success

Bobst customers and agents from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Syria, Algeria, Côte d’Ivoire and Tunisia were in Tunis on November 13th to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Bobst Africa & Middle East, the Bobst subsidiary in Tunisia. 

The participating countries were covered by the local office of Bobst in Tunis, which was created in 1992 to meet the needs for packaging machinery and equipment in Africa & Middle East. Bobst CEO, Jean-Pascal Bobst, the Ambassador of Switzerland in Tunisia, Pierre Combernous and the Tunisian Vice-Minister to Investment and International Cooperation, Alaya Bettaieb were also present at this event as special guests. 

Upon the invitation of Bobst Africa & Middle East Managing Director Samir Khoudja, customers gave testimonies of their experience with Bobst to the audience. Through the help of a top agent network, Bobst Africa & Middle East team strives to maintain the loyalty of its customers and to increase Bobst market share in this part of the world to full expansion.

In view of the increasing needs and customer demands, Bobst Africa & Middle East opened regional offices, in Egypt in 2000 and in Dubai in 2006. Their mid-term target was to be always closer to the customers by increasing the local technical resources in the Middle East and Central Africa. This will result in a better quality of Service, an increase in customer satisfaction and higher market penetration. 

Samir Khoudja also recalled the hardships faced by the local Reconditioning Centre where almost a hundred machines have been revised to be shipped all over the world.  As per Jean-Pascal Bobst, Africa & Middle East has a great development potential in the packaging sector and said that Bobst’s subsidiary role is strategic in terms of local language, installed base, cultural understanding and human assets. He confirmed his commitment to continue to invest in the local human resources as an inspiration from Bobst leitmotiv (phrase) “Knowledge and people” that has been followed by the company for four generations.

Jean-Pascal Bobst counts on the capacity of Bobst Africa & Middle East staff to innovate and develop strategic collaborations in order to be more efficient with the customers and gain more market share in this area of the world.

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