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Avery Dennison Introduces Global MDO Next Generation Packaging Film

Brand owners are pushing the limits of their package design to attract consumer’s attention at the store shelves and meet their demands for convenient and sustainably packaged products. That, in turn, puts pressure on converters to deliver new and exciting material solutions.

To respond to this demand Avery Dennison has launched Global MDO Next Generation film, which according to the company will give converters a state-of-the-art, semi-squeeze film that helps them meet evolving consumer desires and brand needs. Global MDO Next Generation is a machine direction oriented, semi-squeezable film facestock with high clarity, strength and stability for superior converting and dispensing performance.

Avery Dennison claims Global MDO can increase operational efficiencies through reduced downtime, far fewer changeovers and reduced inventory. When compared to other semi-squeeze films, Global MDO Next Generation’s clarity is more than 60 percent higher than current Global MDO, rivaling BOPP films for clarity – with strength and stability to provide clear shelf appeal More Performance Engineered for a variety of package types, helping brand owners and designers create shelf appeal for a broad range of product categories.

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