Anticipation building in UAE ahead of drupa 2016

As anticipation builds up and preparations underway for the biggest trade fair for the printing and media industry worldwide, IFP Emirates, representatives of Messe Düsseldorf, laid the groundwork for visitors from the UAE when it co-organized the PrintPromotion Print Media Management Conference in Dubai, titled ‘High-tech for the printing industry – getting ready for drupa’. Over 100 representatives from leading manufacturers, distributors, and service providers in the UAE printing industry, such as Heidelberg, Giffin Graphics, Printech, Ali AlHashemi Trading, Masar Printing and Publishing, Modern Printing Press, and Emirates Modern House for Printing and Publishing, attended the event held in December 2015.

PrintPromotion is a non-profit organization that promotes the printing and paper converting industry by establishing a network, exchanging experience and spreading know-how. The organization which is closely connected with drupa and supports Messe Düsseldorf in public relations work for the event organizes Print Media Management Conferences around the globe.

Topics explored by leading German manufacturers in the conference included Efficient strapping solutions for newspapers and graphics industry by Mosca; The Future in Print: UV-Production conventional, HR and LED by Koenig & Bauer; Improving quality and productivity by using Color Control and inspection-systems by Heidelberg; drupa 2016 preview by Kolbus; Workflow Solution for Short Run Packaging and Commercial Market by Kama; Highest Flexibility in Web Carton Converting by Heidelberg; UV Rocks! by IST Metz; and Cutting now and in the future by Polar Mohr. 

The conferences serve as a platform for German manufacturers to present innovations, technologies and trends in the printing and paper industry and therefore offer professionals from the local printing and packaging industry the opportunity to get first-hand information about innovative printing and paper technology. Target groups include investment decision makers, entrepreneurs, managers, print specialists and consultants.

“Considering the challenges faced by the printing industry worldwide, it is crucial to engage all stakeholders in the industry and bring them to a common platform to address concerns, learn from each other, and be inspired to evolve and diversity their businesses in the right direction,” says Bassel Amaneddine, general manager, IFP Emirates.

“The response from the printing industry in the UAE exceeded our expectations, which is a clear indicator that the industry is ready to adapt to change, which makes drupa not only a must-attend event but also the most relevant global platform to learn, network, and grow,” adds Bassel.

The drupa 2016 organizers have announced an innovative conference programme for this year. Visitors will experience a new approach to innovation in print when they stop by the drupa cube. This special conference and event programme will feature a wide range of applications for printed products in numerous industries and areas of life, i.e., the potential of new technologies like printed electronics and 3D printing, creative multichannel applications and the use of digital printing techniques in packaging and other sectors.

Through an interdisciplinary approach, it is also designed to bridge the knowledge gap about the relevancy and functionality of print that often exists between printing professionals and their creative agency, marketing, and brand owner clients across a variety of vertical markets. The 11-day programme is based on six key drupa 2016 themes: Multichannel; Print; Functional Printing; 3D Printing; Package Production; and Green Printing.

Through its range of themes and its interdisciplinary concept, drupa cube is, for the first time, also addressing selected vertical markets including the food, consumer goods, interior design, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries; and the financial and public sectors.

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