Abu Dhabi Judiciary Suspends Four Typing Offices

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department suspended the work of four typing offices that used to allow the submission of judicial requests, due to their non-compliance with operational requirements and standards, and the repeated violation of established regulations, and for which an inquiry platform was announced.

The department stressed that submitting judicial and judicial applications through privately-managed typing offices is an alternative and optional channel for customers who prefer personal attendance and assistance in filling out application forms and including them in the systems. Due to the irregularities, the department called on customers to use digital channels and submit requests through its website and smart application, in addition to taking advantage of the guides and available support channels to ensure ease of comprehensive access to services, in conjunction with the launch of the new strategic plan (2021-2023).

The department noted that the platform is a service through which it is possible to communicate directly with specialized follow-up courts, the prosecution, or the implementation department, and with the employee in charge of the file or the request of the customer for a direct follow up on the developments of the request.

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