A Visit From American Media Students

A five person group traveled from Oct. 25 to Nov. 10 to study print and broadcast media in Kuwait. The trip is funded by a grant from ASU-Jonesboro’s ME Studies program.

Students were selected by a committee based on their achievements on campus and in the College of Media and Communication. The group was led by ASU professor Dr. Gilbert Fowler, who has made annual trips to Kuwait since 1992 and led student groups in five of those years.

The purpose of the trip is to learn about the media and culture in Kuwait. The students have prepared for the trip by studying Kuwait’s history, geography, political structure, and other facets of culture. They visited Gulf University of Science and Technology located in Kuwait City. While in Kuwait the group also visited places such as Failaka Island, the Kuwait Historical Museum, Kuwait Towers, and various Kuwaiti media agencies where they appeared as guests on broadcasts of local and national radio and television programs. Upon returning to the U.S. the students will present reports of their travels to local student and civic groups in Jonesboro and Arkansas.

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