450,000 New Copies Of Quran To Be Printed For The African Continent

Dar Al mushaf (Quran House) of Africa in Sudan have started printing the third edition of Quran which is sponsored by Qatar for the African continent, after being funded by the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Qatar. According to the contract signed between Dar Almushaf and the Ministry of Awqaf, 450,000 copies will be printed worth Qatari Riyals 3,080,000.

Dr. Khalifa Jasm Alkawari, the adviser of the minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, supervised the printing of the copies of Quran. He has asserted that supporting Dar Almushaf of Africa is welcomed by both governments and the people of Qatar.

In this context, Dr. Khalifa Jasem Alkhawari has shed light on the modern equipment of the printing house which is the biggest in Africa for printing the holy Quran funded by Qatar donating € 850,000.

He said “This new edition of Quran, which is funded by Qatar and allocated to the African Continent, will be the first product of this printing house. The quality of papers will be excellent with 60-gram paper thickness.”

He added “All what is printed and sent to Africa, with the support and the donations of Islamic countries, doesn’t cover 20% of the real needs of the continent.” Dr. Khalifa Jasem Alkawari explained that the estimated period for printing and distributing the copies of the Quran might last for nearly 6 months including the editing process. The adviser of the minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs stated that 350,000 medium-sized copies of Quran will be printed in addition to 100,000 pocket copies.

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