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3D Printing Gains Momentum

3D printing is going mainstream in US and Europe. The entry level affordable 3D printer for masses is already available. Many educational institutions, schools and colleges are using it to teach students how to be creative. In our region also 3D printing is gaining momentum. There are a number of 3D printing centers across region. But how do you find them? The best way is to login to www.3dhubs.com. The website has an extensive database of 3D printers across the world including Middle East. Based on the information provided by website search engine there are already seven 3D printing hubs in Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi. Saudi, Egypt, Jordan with 5, 3 and one 3D printing centers respectively are trailing UAE.  

Other than helping you find a 3D printer close to your home, the website also is a forum where people can share upload and download 3D printing files as well as learn about how to print and even how to build a 3D printer. Many believe 3D printing technology has the potential to change our way of lives in a significant way. It has already left its mark on many industries including aerospace, automotive and a host of other industries.

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