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​Zeej Installs First Duplo Dusense Spot UV Coater in KSA

Zeej has become the first printing press in KSA to invest in a Duplo Dusense Spot UV coater at its factory in Sulay, Riyadh. The installation was done successfully during the end of April 2018.

“It is a value-added service to our customers who are looking for more attractive and rich look for small quantities. Now we are able to offer small quantities, even one copy which was impossible or very expansive earlier,” said Ahmed Siddiqui, the COO of

Siddiqui continued, “Duplo Dusense has many interesting features including accurate registration and different levels of thickness in one pass. It goes up to 80-microns in thickness, which provides an amazing embossed shiny look. We have invested around $200,000 in Riyadh and are planning to invest in other cities to deal with urgent jobs.”

Zeej is the biggest chain of digital printing in KSA having 17 production units plus a centralised offset press which is equipped with many post press machines. Its web2print portal offers design and print online within a short period of time.

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