Xerox Solution For Dubai World Trade Centre

Xerox Emirates recently conducted a case study at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) and monitored the various challenges faced by the over 700 IT serviced offices operating from 4 office sites in DWTC.  The Dubai World Trade Centre houses prominent tenants including government offices, embassies, trade commissions and regional headquarters for leading international corporations. 

As part of the case study, Xerox Emirates worked with DWTC for 20 months to understand the process carried by each department. They identified that there were 215 machines for document production and there were a large number of irregularities because the users were not provided with machines that suited their requirements. 

The major requirements that were found at DWTC included the need for cost cutting measures, better management efficiency, providing good client experience and consolidating and implementing the latest technology. Upon reviewing the requirements, Xerox Emirates suggested the following solutions. The project was planned in two phases and XEM replaced all the old and existing devices that generated a high printing cost in the Al Wasl building. The consolidation process involved replacing 217 devices with 52 devices. Xerox Emirates then provided the pin code/access card solutions for all these devices. The solutions provided by them included 30 medium colour MFP, 16 medium monochrome MFP, 4 medium monochrome MFP and 2 small colour MFP. During the first phase, about 18 machines were implemented. The major features of the newly installed machines include black and white and coloured photocopying, scan to email, fax to all locations, secure printing and follow me approach, monitoring and reporting, and support engineer on site.

Benefits Drawn

According to Xerox Emirates, with the transition, DWTC saved energy, reduced waste, strengthened its security and cost savings every day. A statement from Xerox Emirates said, “Xerox solutions continue to show positive results and through the use of Xerox systems consolidation and device management systems, DWTC is expecting to reduce the total cost of printing and copying by 25%.” The benefits that were drawn from the Xerox program included – providing a tailored service that helps to deliver overall programme objectives with a fully managed print service by Xerox. To gain control and drive down paper output costs, a centralized service desk to support all print related matters, the provision of billing per service area, and solutions that help reduce waste and support environmental efficiencies.

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