Women in Print Alliance Sparks a Conversation

Opening a dialogue is the first step in fully understanding women’s roles in the printing industry, and it’s a step that the Women in Print Alliance is undertaking, according to Marci Kinter, Vice President, Government and Business Information, Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA).

Kinter said, “The printing industry is leaving talent on the table. Roughly half the global workforce is female, but women make up just 26 percent of the industry. The industry is missing out on opportunities to tap into a more diverse bank of experience.”

The Women in Print Alliance’s focus is on attracting, retaining and advancing women in the printing workforce. To get a snapshot of experiences, expectations and priorities, SGIA has launched a survey of women in the printing industry. The Alliance will share the results with the public during its breakfast (October 11, 7:30–9:00 am) at the SGIA Expo.

The breakfast will also feature keynote speaker Fawn Germer, author of “Work-Life Reset” which discusses how to reboot work-life balance and live a more meaningful, productive life without regrets. Germer is internationally known for her work on leadership and performance dynamics, and is an expert on change and viability, showing how to convert the stress of a change-driven world into an opportunity to innovate and transform.

Germer will also facilitate Big Picture magazine’s Women in Print Winners panel discussion (October 11, 2:30 pm), recognizing the trailblazing efforts of women in print. The 2017 honorees will discuss the role of women in today’s print industry as well as unique traits and experiences that make this group exemplary.

“The Women in Print Alliance is all about starting a conversation that encourages more women to join the print industry. Our field is creative, dynamic and exciting, and there’s a need for skills in all areas, from graphic design to administration and sales. Printing is a great place to grow,” SGIA’s Maggie Stevens, Vice President of Marketing & Communications, added.

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