Wisewell Averts 2 Million Plastic Bottles from Landfills

Dubai-based clean water technology company Wisewell achieved an environmental milestone by diverting two million plastic bottles from landfills.

Wisewell has revolutionized the drinking water market, enabling users to transform regular tap water to high-quality mineral-enriched drinking water, significantly reducing the reliance on single-use plastic bottles. Wisewell’s first year has been marked by exponential growth with a surge in the number of users who have embraced this eco-friendly alternative of purified drinking water.

Sami Khoreibi, Co-founder and Executive Chairman at Wisewell, says with an air of optimism: “The growth we have seen at Wisewell is clear through our environmental impact. It took us nine months to prevent one million bottles from landfills and only four more to reach two million. And we are just getting started!”

“Our company and our customers align with the extraordinary sustainable initiatives of COP28 and Dubai Can,” adds Khoreibi.

Wisewell is making waves with its flagship green-tech product, Model 1. This elegantly-designed, installation-free unit transforms tap water into high-quality drinking water that rivals the best brands in taste at less than a third the cost per litre. Wisewell’s proprietary four-step Full Spectrum Filtration process uses three filters and UV light that effectively removes most known contaminants, including PFAS (forever chemicals) and microplastics, before remineralising the water for great taste and optimal hydration.


With sustainable solutions gaining global popularity, Wisewell’s Model 1 exemplifies the fusion of convenience and eco-conscious technology. Its intelligent mobile app uses internal sensors, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity to give clear insights into water quality and filter life, automates filter replacements, and even shows users how much money they’ve saved compared to bottled water.

Access to clean drinking water is a global issue and to solve this problem Wisewell has partnered with Splash, a social justice organisation and safe water non-profit that focuses on providing children in urban areas with clean water. Under this initiative, for every gallon of water dispensed from Wisewell, Wisewell pledges to donate a gallon of water to a child who needs it through its partnership with Splash. Splash’s projects have been extremely efficient, effective, and long-lasting.

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