Vinsak Installs The First Synchroline At A&A Labels

VINSAK, one of India’s leading manufacturers of printing and print finishing equipment and exclusive distributor of Lombardi presses in India have installed the first Synchroline at A&A Labels.

The Synchroline is capable of printing many different kinds of substrates including paper, light card board and flexible substrates.

Lombardi’s Synchroline is a 3-motors servo press. The way the motors in Lombardi are geared together is conceived in order to gain the best accuracy in register and to minimize the gear bars. The “electronic shaft” keeps register very accurately by means of an independent servo per each print group.

This printing press can be characterized as a modern working horse. It is equipped with printing groups governed singularly by brushless motors and the setting and maintenance of the printing register of the whole press is governed by the electric board with a system of register control.

Saurabh Jain, Director at A&A Labels said, “Addition of Synchroline 430 has opened up new applications and allows us to work on wide gamma of materials. The machine has offered us the opportunity to produce labels on flexible film as well as begin the production of mono-cartons, thereby expanding our portfolio and market reach beyond the regional level.”

Jain greatly appreciates Lombardi and its technicians’ ability to satisfy his requirements including some machine specific solutions.

He added, “The addition of this line will double our capacity in terms of converting self adhesive materials and we expect a growth of more than 100% in our top line in this financial year itself.”

“As a company we put lot of effort into our solutions that are truly innovative and address real needs among our customers. It’s been impressive to watch A & A Labels expands their production with Synchroline and further strengthen their business” said Mr. Ranesh Bajaj, Director at VINSAK.

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