UAE Named Social Media Capital of the World

A recent study by world’s leading proxy provider Proxyrack named the UAE as the social media capital of the world. With a near perfect score of 9.55 out of 10, almost all residents in the country have a Facebook account. The research is based on the World Population Review data.

The UAE is followed by Malaysia and the Philippines scoring (8.75), Saudi Arabia (8.41), Singapore (7.96), Brazil and Vietnam (7.62), Thailand (7.61), Indonesia (7.5), and Hong Kong (7.27).

The study analyses the average number of social media platforms and the percentage of the population that uses Facebook in each country in order to reveal the social media capitals of the world.

The UAE joins the Philippines with an average of 8.2 social media platforms per person, the third highest in the world. The study found that there are more Facebook users registered in the UAE than the population in the country.

The UAE was also rated as the world’s most connected country with a score of 7.53 out of 10, followed by Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Argentina, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

However, when it comes to the best Internet access, the UAE stands fourth after South Korea, Hong Kong, and Denmark.

Internet usage showed a marked increase in the post-COVID days as more and more people preferred the work from home (WFH) option, while businesses opted for cost-efficient online and e-commerce platforms.

The study also revealed that UAE consumers spend seven hours and 29 minutes on an average a day on the Internet, which is the 13th highest in the world. South Africa topped the list averaging nine hours and 38 minutes per day.

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