Tunisian Post Issues New QR Code Stamp

The Tunisian Post issued, for the first time, a new postage stamp based on QR code technology. Bearing the theme “Digitization of the Tunisian Postage Stamp”, it was released on October 9, aptly coinciding with the World Post Day.

This technology, which is an addition to a new generation of Tunisian postage stamps, enables users gain additional information about the postage stamp by simply scanning the QR code using smartphones with QR readers. Information such as the theme of the stamp, the date of issuance, the quantity, as well as the printing techniques adopted can be easily accessed. The technology also guarantees increased security against counterfeit or reused stamps.

The technology supports previous steps that have been achieved in the field of postal publications, such as the adoption of “augmented reality” technology on a set of postage stamps by providing digital content to smartphone users.

The Director General of Tunisian Post, Sami Mekki, said that this year’s slogan “Tunisian Post, a Societal and Digital Support” was to shed light on the postal sector’s dynamism and its key role in boosting financial, economic, and social inclusion. He also said that the Tunisian Post, through its new stamp, showed its involvement in the national strategy for digital transformation.

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