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The Thriving Moroccan Publishing Industry

A study by the Union of Arab Publishers says that Morocco is currently enjoying the benefits of years of efforts and government support for the publishing industry in an unprecedented way in the Arab world. Moroccan Ministry of Culture launched a unique and integrated program for the publishing industry, through which it provided support to the publishers, authors, public libraries and readers as well as organizing an annual national publishing competition.

The study dubbed as “Publishing in the Arab World, 2015-2019”, adds that this program has led to “doubling the production of books in Morocco in a few years, and generated an integrated view of the publishing industry, which is currently the best in the Arab world.” Based on the study the Moroccan Ministry of Culture has a clear map of this industry, and the data which is collected in the publishing directory and includes the names and details of 130 publishers, 72 printing presses, 406 public libraries, 499 writers and authors, and 9 distributors to back up it plan for the improvement of the industry.

Based on the study among the challenges facing the book industry in Morocco lack of appropriate distribution networks, as well as copyright infringement and plagiarism are the major roadblocks. The study also says that 499 writers and authors in Morocco, “do not reflect the reality of literary, cultural and scientific life in Morocco”, and does not match the number of professors working in the Mohammed V Universities. in Rabat, and Hassan II in Casablanca, since both of them have strong productive academic competencies, especially in the fields of human studies.

There are many incentives for the book publishing industry in Morocco including the “Morocco Book Award.” There are also many publishing enthusiasts among government agencies, civil society institutions, and individuals.

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