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The Cannata Report names Ricoh’s Vice President of Production Print Marketing a Top Woman Influencer

Ricoh    announced that Heather Poulin, Vice President, Marketing, Production Printing, has been featured on the cover of The 7th Annual Women Influencers issue. Poulin’s prominent placement within the publication is the latest example of Ricoh’s diverse, talented workforce demonstrating its commitment to empowering customers and industries to move business forward. Within the issue is a more in-depth discussion of Poulin’s professional journey and views on the benefits of workplace diversity.

As the article puts it, “Poulin’s experience in … various roles over the course of her career has given her the adept ability to effectively encourage collaboration and constant communication within her own team and across the company to achieve Ricoh’s goals both internally and externally.”

Poulin has put these skills to work, helping to draw in diverse collaborators throughout the organization and its partners as they continue to develop, tailor and implement production print solutions for information management and workflow optimization, among other areas.

“Collaboration, communication and kindness go such a long way in not just building and strengthening alliances, but also in learning more about diverse production environments and perspectives,” said Poulin. “We always want to deliver the very best guidance, based on the very best information. To do that, you have to have a lot of conversations with a lot of different people who might have different approaches. That’s how we deliver best-in-breed solutions, collaborate with our dealers on honing their portfolios, and keep pushing boundaries to help drive success for customers: We work as true partners.”

As part of Ricoh’s collaboration with dealers, Poulin has teamed with leaders in the company’s dealer business, led by Jim Coriddi, Vice President, Dealer Division, Ricoh USA, Inc., to bring more production print options to more dealers. With the immense range of new revenue streams available for dealers, including light to mid-production and wide format solutions, there is a strong desire to work together to make the transition smooth and profitable. This has presented a new growth opportunity for dealers, with a variety of Ricoh resources and expert training and support to help dealers add production offerings.

“Heather Poulin personifies the phrase ‘true partner.’ Due to COVID-19, shooting this issue presented many challenges, particularly for Heather. She’s located in Florida and The Cannata Report creative team is located in the northeast. As a result, we did the whole thing virtually – a first for us both! Heather spent a tremendous amount of time working with us as needed screen-to-screen, and pivoting on the fly. She couldn’t have made the process any easier or seamless,” said CJ Cannata, president and CEO of The Cannata Report. “I also have a high regard for her marketing expertise – there is a lot that dealers can learn from her and the collective Ricoh team, and at a time when marketing – in terms of getting the message right and breaking through the clutter – is more important than ever before.”

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