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Tech-ni-Fold Looking For Distributors At Gulf Print

The UK based Tech-ni-Fold, will use this year’s Gulf Print & Pack show to educate visitors about their innovative CreaseStream Mini machines, developed for digital printers who are seeking faster and more versatile solutions than the slower traditional methods that exist in the market. 

The UK Company is seeking distributors in the Middle East who may represent their portfolio of over 400 solutions.

Tech-ni-Fold have sold over 70,000 Tri-Creaser devices world-wide that fit common folding machines such as Stahl, Heidelberg, MBO and Horizon, to eliminate the age old problem of fibre cracking.

The latest Tri-Creaser Fast Fit technology is now harnessed in three entry level machines which are aimed at the digital print market, and all will be on display in the form of CreaseStream Mini -series during interactive demonstrations
The first model is Standard version which utilises a handle that users turn to produce single creased and perforated items, this mechanism is up to six times faster than traditional methods that rely on operators to pull down a handle.

The Quick-feed model makes use of a unique feeder that was developed to shuffle, separate and feed sheets without using a suction pump or electricity, the output reaches above 3,000 sheets per hour.

The handle is replaced by a motor on Auto-feed model and can reach up to 4,500 creased/perforated sheets per hour with the facility for the operator to keep topping up the feeder to keep production ticking over.

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