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Tapping into Saudi Arabia’s Educational Zeitgeist

Exclusive interview with Mathker Bin Sehmi Al-Sebee, the general manager of printing press in Naif Arab University for Security Sciences on their new investment in Xerox cutting-edge digital presses.

Saudi Xerox is successfully tapping into Saudi Arabia’s educational zeitgeist. The company recently provided the prestigious Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS) with high end digital presses. This is Saudi Xerox’s first partnership with NAUSS and everybody is excited about it.

“Our partnership with NAUSS represents a significant step forward for us and the university. We believe Xerox’s cutting edge technology will offer necessary means and tool to Naif university’s faculty and students to unleash their creativity and enhance the quality of their educational materials.” Comments  Mehmet Sezer, General Manager of Saudi Xerox.

Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS)

To find out more details about this partnership we sat down with Mr. Mathker Bin Sehmi Al-Sebee, the general manager of printing press in NAUSS. Here are the excerpts:

Can you provide us with a brief overview of Naif Arab University for Security Sciences and its history?

Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS) is a prestigious international and governmental institution with a rich history that dates back to 1972. Initially established as an Arab institute for training and meetings of Arab Police and Security Leaders, it evolved into the Arab Center for Security Studies and Training in 1980. In 2004, in recognition of its significant contributions to security education and training, the university was named after Prince Naif, becoming Naif Arab University for Security Sciences.

What were the factors that led to your recent decision to purchase two Xerox digital presses for the university from Saudi Xerox?

The decision to opt for two Xerox digital presses from Saudi Xerox was an organic one. Xerox name is synonymous with innovation and unmatched efficiency. We also came into conclusion that in terms of productivity and quality Xerox technology outperforms other brands. The fact that Xerox’s new machines incorporate additional colors is a huge plus for our evolving requirements as well.

What were the specific reasons behind choosing Xerox as your preferred brand for the digital presses?

There is no doubt that Xerox is the icon of printing technology. After all they invented the Xerography process. However, the legendary status of Xerox was not the main driver for us to choose Xerox. Once the machines are installed you need an efficient and agile organization to offer you robust after sale services to ensure minimal downtime and maximum efficiency. We are confident that Saudi Xerox offers exceptional responsiveness in maintenance. Saudi Xerox reputation in Saudi Arabia played a significant role in our decision.

How do you anticipate the Xerox machines will contribute to enhancing your educational activities at the university?

When it comes to education material at NAUSS, we demand nothing short of excellence. The printing equipment must meet our standards in terms of substrate thickness, color quality, and intricate detailing. Xerox technology are more than able to meet our requirements and provide our students and faculty with top quality printed materials that make the learning experience more enjoyable.

Could you elaborate on the unique features or capabilities of the Xerox digital presses that align with your requirements?

Based on our research and our meetings with Saudi Xerox experts we realized that  Xerox digital presses boast  an array of exceptional features including flexibility during printing operation,  distinctive color options and print embellishment possibilities that satisfy our most stringent requirements. Meanwhile precise and consistent colors coming out of Xerox machines enhance the impact of the educational materials and makes learning an enjoyable enterprise.


Has Naif Arab University for Security Sciences collaborated with Saudi Xerox in the past? If yes, could you highlight any successful projects or initiatives?

This is first time we work with Saudi Xerox but I am confident that it is the beginning of an exciting, fruitful and long-lasting relationship with huge potential.

Can you provide some insights into the university’s current activities and how digital technology plays a role in achieving Saudi Vision 2030?

As a major Saudi educational organization our vision for future is aligned with Saudi Vision 2030. And digital technology plays a pivotal role in our journey towards this amazing future. Meanwhile printing landscape has changed dramatically during recent years and the change is borderline revolutionary. Digital printing technology now is very productive, offers high quality and personalization capabilities and it is more sustainable comparing to analog printing technologies. These advancements dovetail perfectly with our efforts to enhance education, empower innovation, and align our institution with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

Vision 2030

In what specific ways do you envision the Xerox machines supporting the university’s efforts in realizing the goals outlined in Saudi Vision 2030?

We understand that Xerox doesn’t just move the box. The company offers complete solution from A to Z which includes end to end workflow software and features such as XMPIE printing assistance program to help us explore novel printing ideas, expand our horizon and transform our educational landscape. Xerox technology offers us the necessary tools to foster innovation.

Are there any future plans for expanding the utilization of digital technology in other areas of the university’s operations or curriculum?

Absolutely. We plan to implement digital technology on a broader scale, using state of the art software and printing packages to increase the quality and accessibility of our educational materials.

How do you envision the partnership with Saudi Xerox benefiting the students, faculty, and overall educational ecosystem at Naif Arab University for Security Sciences?

Our partnership with Saudi Xerox is a win- win opportunity for both of us. Having Xerox technology within our university ecosystem streamlines our printing activities and enriches the learning environment, which further develops our educational community by offering exceptional material to our students. Meanwhile Saudi Xerox finds the opportunity to establish strong relationship with a dynamic educational institution and play its part in modernization and transformation of education system in Saudi Arabia.

Does the university have any specific initiatives to promote digital literacy among students and faculty, considering the increasing role of technology in the job market?

Certainly. Digital Literacy is paramount for eLearning success and face the challenges of the future. That is why from the outset we were committed to integrate digital technology into various aspects of our curriculum.  In our university  digital technology is entwined through faculty and student everyday activities. Our educators are well-equipped to navigate and leverage digital tools for enhanced teaching and learning experiences.

What are your expectations in terms of cost-efficiency and long-term sustainability through the implementation of Xerox digital presses?

Saudi Arabia is a dynamic market where cost efficiency is paramount. Xerox products strike the right balance between cost-effectiveness and the superior quality and capabilities. On the other hand, Xerox products have been designed and manufactured with environment in mind.  In my opinion investing in Xerox technology is a sustainable investment that conforms with our continuous commitment  to sustainable practices.

Lastly, are there any potential challenges or concerns you foresee in integrating the Xerox machines into your existing infrastructure, and how do you plan to address them?

We don’t see any major challenge. However, Saudi market is evolving fast, which is good news. There are huge opportunities for improvement. Our approach is proactive and we are constantly in pursuit of innovative ideas and solutions to face the challenges and address any potential concerns. Our partnership with Saudi Xerox helps us understand the new printing technology trends and encourage our staff and students to engage with new shifting paradigms within graphic arts industry.

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