Syria’s Aleppo Chamber Highlights Acute Paper Shortage

Aleppo Chamber of Industry’s Abdullatif Hamida stated that Syria imports thousands of tons of paper every month, with a value ranging between $4-5 million, and is currently suffering from an acute shortage of white printing paper and cardboard.

Hamida indicated that Syria only produces flute types of corrugated cardboard, but there is currently a shortage in its production due to difficulties in procuring the necessary raw materials.

He pointed out that government institutions are the most in demand for paper, along with banks and printing presses, and also in the printing of notebooks and textbooks. He also stated that since the war has had a huge impact on the country’s infrastructure, paper is an item that cannot be dispensed with, as work which was previously being done using automation has been brought to a halt.

Hamida also emphasized on the possibility of making paper locally, but the main problem was in allowing the import of the raw materials needed for its manufacture.

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