Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone Supports Entrepreneurs

The Sharjah Publishing City (SPC) Free Zone has launched a new support initiative for entrepreneurs by providing them with several different packages that offer a wide range of services and solutions, in conjunction with the Global Entrepreneurship Day, celebrated globally on 21st August.

Through this support, the SPC Free Zone seeks to confirm its position as a strategic supporter of the publishing movement and its workers, and to consolidate its presence as an incubator for many emerging and medium-sized projects and reputable companies due to its competitive environment that makes it a center for companies in the region and the world.

The packages offered by the region until early next September include wide and integrated options, as the first package provides beneficiaries with a one-year license and combines two commercial activities under one license.

The second package offers a one-year business license that combines two commercial activities, in addition to the option of obtaining a work visa for one person. It can also be under the name of one shareholder who can be upgraded, while the applicant will receive an approved and attested license and a Memorandum of Association (MoA). Under the third package which provides business solutions for a year in addition to a visa valid for a period of three years, the beneficiary will have the possibility of merging two commercial activities under one license and within the name of a shareholder that can be upgraded.

Salem Omar Salem, Director of the SPC Free Zone, says, “We are keen to strengthen Sharjah’s position as a friendly environment and incubator for business and its pioneers, promoting creative investment ideas to be partners in their sustainability and success.”

He explained that this occasion was dedicated to celebrating the creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs around the world and the owners of innovations and new ideas for commercial projects that can be implemented on the ground.

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