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Saudi’s Napco Promotes Industrial Visits for Schools

Under the initiative titled ‘Napco’s Dreamers’, Dammam-based packaging and container manufacturers Napco National has collaborated with Ri7laty, a leading online platform offering educational trips for schools, to organize school visits to Napco’s production facilities across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The aim of these visits is to achieve several educational and cultural objectives. Students from various regions in the kingdom will have an opportunity to learn firsthand about Napco’s work and its various production departments, gaining practical knowledge about the plastic industry, and the manufacturing of bags, sheets, and other products.

Napco National-Napco’s Dreamers

The initiative also strives to deliver an interactive learning experience for students, where they can ask questions to company employees and participate in specially designed educational activities to deepen their understanding of manufacturing industries and the pivotal role they play in strengthening the national economy. Lastly, the initiative aims to highlight the importance of vocational education and training for the job market and encourage students to seriously consider their future career options.

The visits will encompass four of Napco’s key production sites: the NPCL2 plant, the Uniplast plant, and the Recom plant (all in Jeddah), and the NCPC plant in Dammam.

Napco National-Napco’s Dreamers

The ‘Napco’s Dreamers’ initiative comes under the direction and support of Mounir Frem, CEO at Napco National, driven by his belief in the importance of strengthening public-private partnerships to serve the educational process, to raise awareness about the importance of manufacturing industries and their role in economic development, and encouraging students to pursue educational and training paths that qualify them to contribute to building a better future for the kingdom.

The partnership between Napco National and Ri7laty represents a significant step towards raising awareness about the importance of education, supporting students in their academic journey, and guiding them towards a bright professional future.

Napco National-Napco’s Dreamers

Established in 1956 in Dammam, Napco National has grown into a leading manufacturer of plastic and paper packaging solutions, recycled resins, corrugated packaging products, consumer products, and B2B solutions. The company has also gained expertise in post industrial and commercial plastic scrap collection and recycling services in Saudi Arabia.

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